Aqua Detox System 3000

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The Aqua Detox 3000 System is a Safe, Certified Medical Device whose design was rigorously tested and passed under the MDD (Medical Device Directive) in Europe where it's manufactured. Before the first Aqua Detox System was available for sale, it was put through the demanding MDD Safety Certification Testing Process.  IT IS GUARANTEED SAFE TO USE. 

Aqua Detox System 3000

The Aqua Detox 3000 is suitable to use within USA and rest of the world.
This system is 24 voltages and the current is a constant of 2.1 amps.
All features are controlled by a microprocessor.

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  The Aqua Detox System 3000  is manufactured to European Safety and EMC Standards.
LV Directive 73/23/EEC and EMC Directive 89/336/EEC