Why Aqua Detox

The Aqua Detox™ System displays the strength of detoxification which is regulated digitally by the high speed microprocessor. Double protection function is installed to warn the user to add more saline solution to increase and regulate the detoxification. The detoxification strength and Ionization polarity cannot be seen without LCD display therefore all Aqua Detox™ System has a LCD display to monitor complete detoxification status. It is necessary the Detox System must have LCD display incorporated with the system. Aqua Detox™ is the only power full detoxification system which is recognised in united states and rest of the world. The Aqua Detox™ is manufactured exclusively by the parent company in united kingdom.

If you want to purchase a good quality system, please ensure it meets the following requirement!

Brand Name:             AQUA DETOX™

The System with:       LCD DISPLAY

Manufactured in: UNITED KINGDOM

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