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First it is important to understand that the AQUA DETOX™ footbath system is the only footbath system that has obtained the European Class IIa Medical Approval, proving to European Medical Authorities the ability to consistently produce the intended results as per our claims. The AQUA DETOX™ system does detoxify, re-balance and re-energize the body and is safe to use. The Aqua Detox machine has been available in the UK since January 2002.  AQUA DETOX™ AND PURA DETOX™ are designed and manufactured to the same specification. PURA DETOX™ is made for UK and Europe.

Feeling stressed…???
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Sit Back… Relax…
Put your feet in the water…
Enjoy the Aqua DetoxTM Experience!!!

The most effective way to re-balance, re-energize and detoxify the body without special diets, funny drinks or sweaty exercise.

Aqua Detox is a unique theraphy based on the research of Dr. Royal Rife, millions of ions enter your body through the feet and begin to detoxify your body.

While you are relaxing, the water will immediately start to change color as millions of ions enter your body and begin to neutralize tissue acid wastes. The color change and sediment you see in the water is produced by the ionization interaction of the current flow; the metal in the array and the toxins in the water and body.

Negative and positive ions attract toxins and are released from the body via OSMOSIS. This has a very effective way of cleansing the body from heavy metals and other toxins. The benefits of the Aqua Detox system are, detoxification, stimulation and balancing of the body’s energy meridians, and ATP production. ATP has natural body chemicals that extracts energy from your food and makes it available for numerous physiologic functions in the body. You will feet great, sleep better, and have more energy and improved outlook in life.

Conditions that Benefit from Ionic Food Detox

Many conditions have improved, including reduction of pain and discomfort after chemotherapy, relief from allergic reactions, calming of eczema, low energy levels, arthritic pain in the joints and ionic detox also seems to work very well in curing hangovers.  One therapist reported dramatic improvements when the system was used on a drug addict who was still suffering from the effects of crack cocaine. Another reported that it can be used to benefit those who are recovering from IBS symptoms.  Research by Dr. Chaudhury into the Aqua Detox System.

Scientist Dr Sanjay Chaudhuri MBBS BSc was commissioned to study the effects of ionic detoxification Using a range of monitoring equipment, six people were tested with the genuine Aqua Detox unit while three people were tested with a placebo treatment. Blood tests were taken before and after treatment and vital signs were monitored.  Dr Chaudhury reported that blood flow increased and both pulse rates and blood pressure fell in the subjects that had a real treatment. Photographs of the blood before and after treatment seemed to indicate that there was less clumping together of blood cells after the 30 minute session.

The treatment ‘was seen to contribute to negative red cell surface charge which in turn heightens the body’s ability to maintain free-flowing blood cells. Arterial stiffness was reduced and physical stress levels in the body fell appreciably. No obvious differences were noted in the placebo group.