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Aqua Detox Information

Ionic Foot Detox – Aqua Detox Equipment Study
Results of a scientific Investigation of Ionic Detoxer System 
          Christine Fadhley
This article explains how Ionic Detox works and reports on research by Dr. Sanjay Chaudhury using the Aqua Detox System. Swiss doctor reports on Chemotherapy detox.  Read more…

“How do I know if my body contains toxins.”           Kevin Trudeau
Let’s do a little test. Let me give you a questionnaire so you can see just how toxic you are. Answer each question yes or no. If you answer yes to over twenty questions, you are highly toxic. Read more…

“Seeing is believing as stressed mother gets Aqua Detox”,
 Leslie F. Thomas
It may be a new technique offered in East Lincoln, but it’s based on an old holistic approach to feeling better. While looking for a little relaxation when my kids were away during Spring Break, I decided to try Reflexology and a new procedure called Aqua Detox offered at a local salon. Read more…

“Toxic Shock”
 Daily Candy
Friday morning. Your head is pounding. You’ve got a love bite on your neck, a phone number on your hand and you’ve no idea where (or whom) they came from. Read more…

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