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Aqua Detox 3000 Inf Ozone System

Detoxification & Infrared Ozone System.

This control panel is specially designed to provide Detoxification and Infrared ozone treatments. The Aqua Detox 3000 System Control Panel has easy to read display with treatment logging facility and two separate foot spa for easy cleaning. The white foot spa is used for detoxification treatment and brown foot spa is used for Infrared ozone treatment. The system comes complete with 3 arrays, 2 bottle of cleaning fluid, 50 liners, 100-trifolds for advertising, a poster and an operating manual.

DETOX ARRAYS MADE FOR THE SYSTEM MUST BE USED OR WARRANTY WILL BE VOID. Aqua Detox USA LLC recommend clients to use The Original Aqua Detox Array which have AQUA DETOX engraved on top cap of the array. We would strictly recommend not to use unbranded arrays as it will not provide sufficient detoxification.

The Aqua Detox 3000 Inf Ozone System is suitable to use within USA and rest of the world.
This system is 24 voltages and the current is a constant of 2.1 amps.
All features are controlled by a microprocessor.

 The Aqua Detox System 3000 Inf Ozone System is manufactured to European Safety and EMC Standards.
LV Directive 73/23/EEC and EMC Directive 89/336/EEC